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InkView™ Smart E-ink Phone Case (FREE Shipping)

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🔥 Instant Customization:  Whether it's a family member, childhood photo, partner. You'll always have it pictured on the back of your phone where ever you go.

🎉 Battery-Less Screen: No battery or charging is ever needed to keep the screen on.

⭐ Robust Protection: Padded protection that cushions falls.

⭐ Slim & Sleek Design: Nobody likes a bulky case, this one's as slim as can be.

How do I use the InkView™ Case?

  1. Download: our app from the App Store.
  2. Select Your Image: Choose your favorite photo or take a new one.
  3. Quick Sync: Effortlessly upload & sync your photo to the case.
  4. Experience the Transformation: Watch as your photo comes to life on your case instantly.
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