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SwiftClean Makeup Brush Washer: Effortlessly Clean Your Makeup Brushes

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Ever felt the dread of cleaning your makeup brushes, knowing it's essential but a time-sink? Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to the SwiftClean Makeup Brush Washer. This innovative device is designed to transform the way you care for your makeup brushes, combining speed, efficiency, and convenience into one sleek package.


Key Features:

  • ✨ Effortless Usage: Just plug-in, turn-on, and press clean. Enjoy the seamless integration of washing & drying.
  • 🚀 Powerful Performance: With a speed of 7000 rpm, this cleaner ensures your brushes are thoroughly cleaned and dried in a moment, ready for their next use.
  • 🌎 Universal Compatibility: Comes with multiple holders to fit various brush sizes.
  • 💡 Convenient Charging: Powered by USB, this rechargeable cleaner frees you from the worry of batteries or power adapters.

Say Goodbye! 👋

To Stained Makeup Brushes

🧼 Automatic Cleaning

Simply click the on button, and it'll start to clean everything automatically for you!

⏰ Saves Time

No need to stand at the sink cleaning every single brush manually.

🌱 Gentle on Brushes

Uses a gentle yet powerful swirl of water to clean the brushes thoroughly and delicately. 

⭐ USB Powered

Never find yourself stuck in a sticky situation, just plug it in just like a phone.

Makeup is complicated, Cleaning shouldn't be.

Instead of standing at the sink diligently washing every little thing. Save that time to do more of whatever you want! 

Clear & Cleaner

Washing your brushes regularly is not only hygienic, but can also STOP Acne Breakouts.

Light Weight, Portable & Easy to Carry.

Simply toss it into your bag when you're travelling and going abroad, at only 260g you'll probably forget it's even there!

Simple & Easy 
USB Powered

Never be out of luck at an annoying moment, simply plug it in using a USB cable just like a phone.

Automatic Cleaning

Simply click the on button, and it'll start to clean everything automatically for you!

With a gentle yet powerful swirl of water.


How do I use the SwiftClean Makeup Brush Washer?

Simply plug in the device, turn it on, and press the clean button. The washer will automatically wash and dry your brushes in one seamless process.

What types of makeup brushes can I clean with the SwiftClean?

The SwiftClean Makeup Brush Washer is designed with multiple holders to accommodate various brush sizes, making it compatible with most makeup brushes.

How long does it take to clean and dry the brushes?

With a powerful performance of 7000 rpm, the SwiftClean ensures your brushes are thoroughly cleaned and dried in just a few moments, ready for immediate use.

What are the benefits of using the SwiftClean Makeup Brush Washer?

Using the SwiftClean Makeup Brush Washer saves you time and effort in cleaning your makeup brushes. Its powerful performance ensures thorough cleaning and drying, reducing the chance of acne and prolonging the lifespan of your brushes.


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