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CloudNap Travel Pillow — The Ultimate Neck Pillow for Restful Journeys

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✅ Pure Memory Foam Comfort: No more neck pain, Unmatched support & comfort

✅ Ultimate Support: Forget the traditional U-shaped pillows that don't support side-to-side neck tilt.

✅ Soft, Breathable, & Hygienic: The pillowcase is made from a breathable stretch cloth

✅ Machine washable: For easy care.

✅ Versatile & Portable: The perfect travel companion. Great for airplanes, car trips, camping, or even a noon break at the office.



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To Un-comfy & Restless Sleep

Ever found yourself struggling to get comfortable during a long journey, only to arrive feeling stiff and sore? It's time to transform your travel experience with our Memory Foam Neck Pillow. Designed for those who value comfort as much as convenience, this pillow ensures you arrive feeling refreshed, no matter the distance.

Lets You Sleep Up-right

Never find yourself stuck with a bad sleeping position. This pillow is specially designed to support your head from all sides. 

☁️ Soft Memory Foam

Supports your head & your neck while you sleep.

🛫 Great For Travel

Make the most of your vacation by getting the best sleep possible.

💤 Soft & Comfortable

They're made from soft and comfy breathable fabric.

🧼 Machine Washable

Just like a proper pillow, you can remove the case and wash it completely.

Why choose us?



Ergonomic Raised Design

360º Neck & Head Support

Durable Construction

Machine-Washable Cover

Suitable For All Situations

Includes Compact Carry Bag

Great For:

Flights & Travelling

Just wrap it around and get some quality sleep, no need to spend hours barely resting.

Long Trips

Time to stop leaning against the cold car window, with this pillow you'll find yourself warm & dozing off in no time.


Treat yourself to a cozy, velvety warm nap, where-ever you happen to be, whenever you feel like it.

And so much more!

Transform Your Travel 

Designed for those who value comfort as much as convenience, this pillow ensures you arrive feeling refreshed, no matter the distance.

Rolls Up Easily

Rolls up to be a compact and portable size of 

31 x 26 x 14cm.

Waterproof Bag

Just roll it up and tuck it in. 

Great for when you need to put it away,

and get back into action!


What is it made of?

Our Memory Foam Neck Pillow is made from 100% pure memory foam, ensuring exceptional comfort and support. The pillowcase is crafted from a breathable stretch cloth, which is both soft and hygienic.

Can I use this neck pillow for purposes other than travel?

Absolutely! Our neck pillow is perfect for various situations beyond travel, such as taking a nap at the office, lounging at home, or even during camping trips. Its ergonomic design provides support and comfort wherever you need it.